Moving Tips from the Professionals...

Moving can be overwhelming and sometimes there's no way around it.  Hiring the right company can help ease the stress weather it's relocating to a new home or a new office. With many options available, there's still work on your part. Here's a look at our best recommendations for an easier and more efficient move.








Reserve the moving company as soon as you know the moving date and be sure to keep the phone number handy, questions my arise along the way.


Start sorting through your things.  Decide what's going and what's not. Make a "Giveaway/Donate" pile,  a "Toss/Dump" pile, and a "Keep/Take" pile.  Consider garage or estate sales to eliminate unwanted items.  Arrange for a charity to pick up donation items. Make arrangements for larger unwanted items to be hauled away.


Schedule disconnect dates for your old location and connection dates for your new location.

Request school transfers so you are all set once you settle into your new place.


Inform your friends, family, coworkers and clients.  Take time to say good-bye to neighbors. Start preparing your children and loved ones for the transition.  Inform staff and other people with the details of your relocation.  Return any borrowed items.


For local residential moves arrange for a sitter to care for pets and children on the big day.


Pack important documents, sentimental items and any valuables in a separate box to keep with you during the move.  


Discard hazardous materials, gasoline, bottled gases, oil and flammables.  These items are not safe to travel and most moving companies will not transport them.


Pack any ammunition, explosives or weapons separately.  You will want to keep these items with you during the move.  Most moving companies will not transport these items.


Whether you are packing or you are having assistance with packing, consider securing all liquid containers with plastic wrap and tape.  This will help keep other items from getting damaged during the moving process.  Some moving companies will not transport open liquid containers.


If you plan to take a refrigerator or freezer to your new location, defrost it 1 to 2 days before the move. Wipe up liquid that has dripped after it's defrosted.


Pack a suitcase for each family member to take along.  Sometimes it hard to find needed items right away and this will help keep everyone comfortable until their items are located.


Pack snacks for your moving day.  It may be inconvenient to stop for food.  Hungry people are not happy people.


Be sure to plan for everyone to get a good night's sleep, before your moving day.  Moving is exhausting so proper rest will help you stay alert and ready for the task.




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